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I was born in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪, moved to Gorey Co. Wexford in 2003 with my family. I've always had a connection with Gorey as my family holidayed here for many years and I met my husband here at the tender age of 17. 

There has always been a creative influence in my family, my Mum made all our clothes as young children until we rebelled and wanted labelled items!! Mum also painted with oils and is an amazing cook and seamstress.  My

Dad is a brilliant upholsterer amongst many of his other talents. 

I started making handmade personalised cards in 2010 and my love for crafting took a leap from there. I love learning new craft skills and will try anything new, some turning out not so good, but that’s the joy of crafting!!

Hope you enjoy my designs as much as I had making them.
Live long and prosper!

Wendy x 

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